Wiring Harness

As we talk about the Wiring Harness Industry from India, there are many number of Wiring Harness manufacturers, however Popular Systems give a wide scope of top notch Wiring Harness that are produced from the ideal quality raw materials. To be as the leading Wiring Harness Company, we have established our plants in Chennai, Bangalore and Hosur. Regardless of the industry in which they are being used, their wire harnesses and cables are designed with utmost precision.Wiring Harness given by us is accessible in different sizes, measurements and hues to meet the required necessities of the customers. OurWiring Harness is broadly utilized in different ventures like Automobiles, Escalators, Junction Boxes, Submersible Pumps and numerous others fields.

Popular Systems possess advanced infrastructural facilities, which are competent enough to supply bulk products in the shortest possible time period. Our Wiring Harnesses are very tough and can provide high wear and tear quality. We have carved ourselves as one of the recognized Wiring Harness Manufacturers and Suppliers, in India.

We provide a wide range of high quality Wiring Harness that are manufactured from the optimum quality raw materials. Wiring Harness provided by us are available in various sizes, dimensions and colors to meet the varied requisites of the clients. Our Wiring Harness is widely used in various industries like Automobile, Elevators and Escalators, Textile machines, Electronics and many others. Our Wiring Harnesses are highly durable and can endure high wear and tear. We have carved a niche as one of the distinguished Wiring Harness Manufacturers and Suppliers, based in India.

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Automobile Wiring Harness

POPULAR SYSTEMS support variety of OEMs as a contract manufacturer of Wiring harness. We provide harnesses for various sectors of 2 wheeler/wheelers and 4 wheelers like
1. Dash Boards
2. Horns
3. Melody maker
4. Head lamps
5. Steering control
6. Fuel pumps
7. Tank units
8. Complete Wiring harness for Electric Bikes
9. Two wheeler wiring harness of various standard bikes
10. Battery cables

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Elevator & Escalator Wiring Harness

We manufacture and supply Wiring harnesses of Car, Travelling cable harnesses and control unit harnesses for Elevators. We supply emergency push button assemblies of Escalators.

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Control Panel Wiring Harness

Control panels of various applications such as T&D, Textile units, PLC Controls require heavy quantity of pre assembled wiring. POPULAR SYSTEMS are specialized in this kind of wiring. We have in-house high quality printing facility for ferrules and heat shrink tubes that are used in labeling. We use high quality press sleeve crimping for superior quality terminations.

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Electronic Control Device Wiring Harness

We provide Wiring Harness for Electronic control devices and PLC units that are used to transmit signals to various parts of the control units. Our wiring harnesses stand as an interface between sensors of various parameters and control devices.

Industrial Wiring Harness in india

Wiring Harness For Renewable Energy (Wind & Solar)

We supply Wiring harnesses for Wind energy OEMs. EPR cables are used in Nacelle harnesses of the Wind mills. Our harnesses operate from -40 ° C to 90 °C temperatures. We manufacture and supply
1. Nacelle harnesses
2. LV Cables
3. Earthing Cables
4. Signal cables
5. HT terminations
6. Junction box assemblies for Wind Energy
7. Yaw Encoders and sensor assemblies.
8. Solar invertor harnesses

Appliances Wiring Harness in india

Home Appliances Wiring Harness

Home appliances OEMs who are manufacturers of products such as Water heaters are using Wiring Harnesses for easy completion of their equipment wiring. Neon lamps, LEDs and other active parts are clubbed with Wiring Harness for flaw free wiring.

Medical Wiring Harness in india

Medical Equipment Wiring Harness

High precision of connectivity and conductivity is required for medical applications. We use superior quality connectors from reputed manufacturers for all types of our medical equipment requirements. Gold plated terminals are used for better conductivity through frictional contacts.

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Data Cables

Data Cables such as RJ45 & RJ11 Jack connector cables, TYPE A & B USB Cables, FRC Connectors and Flat Cables are supplied from POPULAR SYSTEMS for OEM and replacement market requirements.